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How do I do percentages without an error?

I do not how do you do percentages but I am going to tell you how do I do percentages without an error.

For solving percentages without an error, it is essential that you read the math percentage question carefully and identify the parts of percent problem and convert them into math language. For learning how to identify various parts of percentage question and convert them into math equation click Working out Percentage – what is easiest approach? After I have underlined important parts of the percentage question I see whether the percent math question is about percentage increase or percentage decrease. Then I identify reference number. Reference number is important as it forms the denominator of the percentage formula. For detail click how do you do percentages word problems in few seconds? Some percentage math questions give reference number directly in the problem, while in the others we have to calculate the reference number (denominator) yourself. In the end, I use relevant percentage formula to find the percentage.

How do I do percentages without an error?
7-steps approach

  1. Read percentage problem carefully
  2. Underline various parts of percent problem
  3. Identify the type of the math percent question, whether the percentage question is about percent increase or decrease.
  4. Calculate reference number or denominator for percent formula
  5. Write percentage formula
  6. Substitute values in percentage formula
  7. Make calculations to find answer.

You can perceive that a lengthy calculation is required for solving percent math question. But let me share my experience with you that I do percentages in seconds and, that too, without an error.

Solve five or six math percentage questions using 7-steps approach and you’ll also be able to find percentage of a math problem involving percent within few seconds without an error. This all about how do I do percentages without an error.

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