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How do you calculate percentages easily?

There are various ways to find percentage of a number but how do you calculate percentages depends on your intelligence and quick mindedness. You can be quick minded only if you are able to identify type of percentage problem that appears on the SAT Math test. Then writing correct percentage formula or percentage equation and calculating this percentages formula is the key to solving quickly math problem involving percentage. You may come across on the SAT Math test percentage questions that ask you to calculate percentage increase or to calculate percentage decrease. Some math percentages questions may ask you to calculate profit or loss, while the other percentage problems may ask you to find percentage involving in simple terms. You may perceive a percentage question on the SAT Math test very simple but keep one thing in your mind that you have to do some addition, subtraction or multiplication while calculating percentages.

How do you calculate percentages easily? – A case study

Remember, whatever the type of SAT percent problem is, it cannot be out of following three types.

Type 1: finding the percentage of a given number
Example: What number is 60% of 25?

Type 2: finding a number when a percentage is given
Example: 30% of what number is 15?

Type 3: finding what percentage one number is of another number
Example: What percentage of 50 is 5?

Read above 3 types of math percent problems and think how do you calculate percentages of these percent problems.

You probably write different math percent formula for each type of percent problem but how do I calculate percentages easily and quickly is that I write same percentage equation for all 3 types of SAT math percent questions. Remember, percent formula or percent equation remains same for every type of percent math question. Now see how I solve percent problems easily

Write percent formula

See 3 variables are involved in above percent equation.

X is percentage
X1 is the number of which percentage is to be taken
X2 is the percentage result

Remember, every percent problem will give you 2 variables and you‘ll have to determine 3rd variable. So substitute values of 2 variables in this percent formula from the math percent question and solve the percentage problem for the 3rd variable.

Now solve above percentage problems

Example1: What number is 60% of 25?

Here x=60   X1 = 25     X2 =?

Now substituting these values in percent formula

60/100 x 25 = X

X = 15

Example2: 30% of what number is 15?

Here x = 30     X1 =?    X2 = 15

Now putting these values in percent formula

30/100 x X1 = 15

X = 50

Example3: What percentage of 50 is 5?

Here x =?    X1 = 50     X2 = 5

X /100 x 50  = 5

x = 10

All you have to do is to identify two given variables and one unknown variable in math percentage problems. Then you can calculate percentages easily.

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Kate June 16, 2011 at 11:11 pm

I think all percentages questions fall under three types mentioned above. Mastering these 3 types will enable someone to solve percentages problems in an easy manner.


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