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How to identify 3 types of SAT Math questions involving Rate?

You might see following three types of rate problems on the SAT Math test.

  1. Cost per unit problems
  2. Speed problems
  3. Work-output problems

Each specific type has specific way to solve it. You can identify type of Rate question as follows:

If you see word “cost” in SAT Math question and cost is to be determined, it is question involving rate type (i).

If you see words “speed” or “kilometers per hour (kph)” or “miles per hour (mph)” and speed or time or distance is to be calculated then it is question involving rate type (ii). Use following formula for these questions.

(Speed) (Time) = Distance

If you see words “work” or you see that time for completion of a specific job has been asked for then it is question of type (iii). You can use following formula for such questions.

(rate of work) (time worked) = part of job completed

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