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How to increase SAT Reading Score effectively?

You can improve your score of reading section of SAT test by two following ways: 

  1. By improving vocabulary
  2. By making practice

You can improve your vocabulary by reading variety of topics on social, economical, cultural and science issues. It will make you familiar with variety of words and phrases. So develop habit of reading.

You don’t need any special type of books for this purpose. Look around you and you will find variety of reading material in books, guides available in the market.

Another way to improve your vocabulary is to memorize meanings of the words or phrases alone. But we don’t recommend this method as this does not give the clear concept of use of phrases or words and it is very difficult to cram lot of words.

We’ll suggest you to Stop thinking and start reading. It’ll give you confidence and it is the key to improving your SAT score quickly.

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