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How to solve hard SAT word problems easily?

Solving hard SAT word problem is an easy and interesting task if you make a correct sketch of the question. Sketch a diagram of the SAT word problem even if exact dimensions of regular math shapes are not given. See following example.


A box contains 10 white stones and 40 black stones. How many white stones must be added to the box so that 50% of the stones will be white?


In this SAT math word problem no regular dimensions are given. So no definite math shape can be drawn. But in order to conceive this hard SAT word problem we sketch a box and place in it black and white stones.

Hrad Word Problem

Now before we add white stones there are total 50 stones (10 white, 40 black) in the box.

Suppose, we add X white stones to the box then as per question following equation will be formed;

10 + X = (50 + X) x 50%
10 + X = (50 + X) x
20 + 2 = 50 + X
2X – X = 50 – 20
X = 30

So 30 stones will have to be added to make 50 % white stones of the total number of stones.

Sketching a diagram of math question enables you to conceive and solve the hard SAT word problems easily.

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