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How to solve rectangle word problems easily?

First of all, draw a sketch or diagram of the math word question in order to perceive clear cut concept of the math word problem. This sketch may be of regular as well as irregular math shape. This sketch will help you to solve math word problem easily.


What is the area of a rectangle whose length is twice its width and equal to the perimeter of a square whose area is one?


This math word problem involves regular mathematical shapes like square and rectangle. Now first of all draw, sketch and label them according to the question for solving math word problem.

SAT Math Problems

Now observe if area of a square is 1, it means that all its sides are of length equal to 1.

Area of a rectangle = Length x Width

Area of the rectangle = 2y x y ————————————————Eq-1

Here we have to determine value of y

Now according to the question

Length of rectangle = Perimeter of the square

2 y = 1+1+1+1
2 y = 4
y = 2

Now put this value of y in Eq-1 above

Area of the rectangle = 2 x 2 x 2 = 8

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