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SAT Tips and Tricks For Critical Reading|Winning SAT Tactics

Following SAT Tips and Tricks for Critical Reading help increase your SAT test score. You need not to spend much time over reading these SAT Tips and Tricks. Just give these SAT Tactics one reading and adopt them while solving SAT Test.

SAT Tips and Tricks For Critical Reading|Winning SAT Tactics

  1. Focus on or underline keywords in reading passages, sentence completion questions and grammar questions.
  2. First read the answer choices, and then read the queastions.
  3. Look for signal words.
  4. Do not get confused with double blank sentences, first test first word in each answer choice.
  5. Read at your normal speed with understanding the meaning of the sentence.
  6. Concentrate on opening as well as ending sentences, they will tell you the theme of the passage.
  7. In paired passage, every passage has a particular theme but the whole of the passage points towards a common theme. That common theme will be the theme of the passage as a whole.
  8. First read the question, and then read the passage.
  9. Under line keywords in the questions. These keywords will help you trace the answer in the passage.
  10. Scan the passage for these keywords.
  11. While answering the question, limit yourself to what you perceive from thje passage. Do not use your own knowledge.

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