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SAT Tips and Tricks For Math | Winning SAT Tactics

Following SAT Tips and Tricks for Math help improve your SAT test score. You need not to spend much time over reading these SAT Tips and Tricks. Just give these SAT Tactics one reading and adopt them while solving SAT Test.

SAT Tips and Tricks For Math | Winning SAT Tactics

  1. Don’t spend much time over one SAT Math question as several other easy questions are waiting for you.
  2. Mark or encircle SAT Math questions that you want to return to.
  3. Eliminate one or more choices by making guesses.
  4. Make educated guesses, avoid random guesses.
  5. Eliminate most attractive answer choices as they are designed to deceive you.
  6. Read SAT Math question carefully to answer what was asked not what you were thinking about.
  7. Use SAT test booklet for sketching diagrams and doing math calculations.

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