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Think of your own SAT words before looking at the answer choices

Don’t jump to the answer choices after you have read the SAT sentence completion question completely. Rather, involve yourself in brain storming to think of a SAT words that best completes the sentence. Don’t worry about time for brain storming; it will not take more than a few seconds. Once you have made your mental efforts to find the correct SAT word, look at answer choices and find among them the SAT word that you have thought of. If it is not among them, find synonym of that SAT word. This synonym will make your correct choice.



First, do brain storming and think of your own SAT words. In this sentence, purpose of experiment is to determine capability of rat of adjusting to the changing conditions. This capability can best be described with the SAT word “adaptability”. Basically, second part of the sentence gives the answer.

Now look at the given choices and find the SAT word “adaptability” or synonym of it.

So correct answer choice is (D)

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