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What is Fraction – an Easy explanation

What is Fraction? It is the ratio of the part to the whole.

What is fractions


Suppose you buy a cake, cut it into 5 pieces and eat one piece. Then

Eaten portion of cake:  1 piece out of 5 piecesWhat is fraction

Uneaten portion of cake: 4 pieces out of 5

In the form of fraction we can write this way

Eaten portion of cake:

what is Fraction

Uneaten portion of cake:

What is fraction

So one-fifth part of the cake is eaten, and four-fifth part of the cake is uneaten.

What is Fraction? How to read a Fraction?

Observe that in fraction one number is written over another with a line in between. The number above the line is Numerator and the number below the line is Denominator. The line in between is called Fraction Bar. This line also represents the symbol ÷(divided by) or the word “over” or “out of”.

What is a Fraction

So this fraction may be read out in following 4 ways:

  1. Four divided by five
  2. Four over five
  3. Four out of five
  4. Four-fifth

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